I do DIY projects in woodworking, cabinets, shop furniture, fix-it, upgrade it, and whatever needs doing.
Come with me and learn from my mistakes.


...And I learn everyday through just trying stuff.

Hey, I'm Darin

... and I am a DIY guy because I looked at something that needed to be done and said, "I can make that." (see what I did there?) It turns out, I could make it. Not always perfect, but I learn each time and get better.

I post videos of my projects to both show how I did it and show the mistakes I made so maybe you could see that if someone like me can make it, so can you... and you have the added bonus of learning from my mistakes.

Thanks for being here.


I am not bragging (obviously) but I do like to watch the numbers grow (ever so slowly).


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Projects & News

DIY Guitar Pick Guard

A video I did a while back on making a custom pick guard for my neighbor's guitar. It is a pretty easy project to do, really. It's all in the tools. C...

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Tennis Ball Trebuchet

In support of the YouTube video of building this, here are the plans and measurements of this thing.Materials:Bottom Frame Sides - 2x4 2@ 36"Bottom Fr...

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Projects Take Time & Money

I have quite a few projects on a list that could keep me busy for a long time. Projects like shop cabinetry, home remodel/renovation, the shed, finish...

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Small Makers Support

A list  of small maker YouTube channels that need support with the new partner policy requirements. I wanted to put a list of channels so everyon...

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The Shed Saga: Part 1

On my property at the new house is a shed. It was locked up all the times we looked at the house so I had never seen inside. It's 12x16 and a good, so...

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Yes, We Moved!

For that one person (and I am being optimistic with that estimate) who is keeping track and caring... we did end up getting that house we were trying ...

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