I do DIY projects in woodworking, cabinets, shop furniture, fix-it, upgrade it, and whatever needs doing.
Come with me and learn from my mistakes.


...But I learn everyday through just trying stuff.

Hey, I'm Darin

... and I am a DIY guy because I looked at something that needed to be done and said, "I can make that." (see what I did there?) It turns out, I could make it. Not always perfect, but I learn each time and get better.

I post videos of my projects to both show how I did it and show the mistakes I made so maybe you could see that if a hack like me can make it, so can you... and you have the added bonus of learning from my mistakes.

Thanks for being here.


I am not bragging (obviously) but I do like to watch the numbers grow (ever so slowly).


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Projects & News

Tennis Ball Trebuchet

In support of the YouTube video of building this, here are the plans and measurements of this thing.Materials:Bottom Frame Sides - 2x4 2@ 36"Bottom Fr...

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Projects Take Time & Money

I have quite a few projects on a list that could keep me busy for a long time. Projects like shop cabinetry, home remodel/renovation, the shed, finish...

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Small Makers Support

A list  of small maker YouTube channels that need support with the new partner policy requirements. I wanted to put a list of channels so everyon...

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The Shed Saga: Part 1

On my property at the new house is a shed. It was locked up all the times we looked at the house so I had never seen inside. It's 12x16 and a good, so...

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Yes, We Moved!

For that one person (and I am being optimistic with that estimate) who is keeping track and caring... we did end up getting that house we were trying ...

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I don't vlog. I always figured, who really cares what I do? Who would want to watch that? And I always answer myself with a resounding, "nobody." But ...

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Our July Tradition

You probably don't even know that I have a second channel. Actually, it was my first channel, now it's used as my second channel. I really only post t...

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Should I Stay or Should I Go

Uncertainty. That's my life right now. We put our house up for sale and have not had much interest as of yet. That was a little surprising since the r...

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